Privacy statement

Privacy statement

About processing personal data

Who is responsible for processing my personal data?

Drone Education Centre B.V. registered address Waalsdorperweg 61, 2597 HP, Den Haag; office address 1e Mientlaan 1, 2223 LG, Katwijk (Vliegkamp Valkenburg, building 310) is responsible for processing the data as described in this Privacy statement.

When does this Privacy statement apply?

This Privacy statement applies to all personal data processed by Drone Education Centre B.V. concerning anyone who has ever had contact with Drone Education Centre B.V., such as our visitors, customers and business contacts. Drone Education Centre B.V. includes the following activities, described on the websites with the same names:

  • Dutch Drone Academy I
  • European Drone Academy I
  • Nederlands Consortium voor Onbemande Luchtvaart I • DroneWijzer I
  • Dutch Drone Events I

What is personal data?

Personal data includes all information related to you as an individual, such as your name, telephone number e-mail address, street address, and your order history with Drone Education Centre B.V.

Whose personal data do we process, and how do we obtain this data?

We process the personal data of anyone who has had direct or indirect contact with Drone Education Centre B.V., such as private and business customers and contact persons. We receive such data directly from you, if you place on order through our website or by telephone.

We may also receive your data from colleagues or contacts so that we can provide you with information such as directions to our site, or an order confirmation for a course or training session.

If you provide us with data concerning another person we will assume that this person has given you permission for this, and we reserve the right not to record this information, or to contact the person concerned to verify if we can use their data.

What data about you do we process, what is it used for, and how long is it kept for?

If you place an order, we need certain data to process that order and to provide you with information relevant to that order. We record your name, business, e-mail address, telephone number, shipping address and invoicing address for this purpose. We also record what services or products you have obtained.


We do not provide data to third parties, except where required for the course, training session or service purchased from us. You will have been informed of this through the online or printed product/service description for the course, training session or service purchased from us.

However, further to the course you have done with us, we may consider that another product or service is closely related to that. We can send you information about this, without any obligation on your part. This only relates to the products or services of our own organisation. This could include:

  • A seminar about new legislation or legislative changes relevant to a course you have taken
  • A new course to supplement the course you have taken
  • Flight training for the weight category you are flying in
  • Anniversaries of our organisation or other festive events, free of charge

Who is your data shared with?

Where required for a course or exam arranged by Drone Education Centre B.V. we will provide data such as your first name, family name and e-mail address, to organisations recognised by the Dutch government (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management including its inspectorate, the IL&T) which we cooperate with, such as EuroUSC, NLR or KNVvL. This is to inform them who will be taking an exam, or to inform them of the outcome of an exam, certificate, licence or decision.

If we build, test or inspect drones, or arrange for them to be inspected, to obtain an sBvL (special airworthiness certificate or exemption), or register them or arrange for them to be registered with the IL&T Aircraft register, for third parties, then we will also provide the relevant data (personal data and information related to the drone concerned) to the relevant authorities with the permission of, and on behalf of, the data subject.

Data will only be shared with organisations with which we have arranged and concluded a data processing agreement, except in relation to organisations forming part of the State of the Netherlands.

Where do we store your data?

Initially we store your data temporarily in the back-end of our website (order processing section). This part of the website provides your data to the Mollie payments processor, so you can pay for the products/services you are purchasing. Your data will also be sent to the Drone Education Centre B.V. employee responsible for creating the invoice to be sent to you by e-mail. After your use your data will be removed from this. After processing your data will be included in our customer files, stored on Microsoft OneDrive (

Every day, a backup of everything we store on OneDrive is made to the Drone Education Centre B.V. NAS server. OneDrive also makes backups for its customers.

What rights do you have in relation to your data?

Right to information
Right to access
Right to correct
Right to object

Drone Education Centre processes personal data for the purposes of: –

  • Registering a named reservation
  • Sending information related to the product/service by e-mail
  • Sending invoices by e-mail
  • Sending certificates, diplomas, exemptions, exam results and decisions
  • Newsletter with information about our relevant services and products

Obviously we will handle your data carefully and confidentially. We store your data on OneDrive which can only be accessed by authorised employees, and your data will only be present temporarily on the computers of these authorised employees. We do not store medical or financial details.

You have the right to see what data about you we store, to have your data corrected if it is incorrect, or to have your data deleted from our databases.

Should we suffer a data leak then we will inform you within 72 hours.

If you want us to delete your data then we are required to do so. You can mail your request for the deletion of your data to: